The Santa Ana Zoo

Orange County's Critter Oasis

In 1949, J.E. Prentice, a wealthy orange farmer, donated 12 acres of his ranch to the City of Santa Ana for a park. The only stipulation was that the city keep at least 50 monkeys at all times. The city gladly accepted and got to work creating Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park: Home of the 50 Monkeys.

The zoo includes 20 different species of primates–over 70 individuals. Exhibits such as Amazon’s Edge, Rainforest Conservation Exhibit, Colors of the Amazon, Crean Family Farm and Tierra de las Pampas include reptiles, amphibians, birds, invertebrates, and other mammals including many endangered species. The 20.5 acre park site includes a picnic area and playground and several event sites, including an amphitheater, available for rental.

The Santa Ana Zoo education programs include tours, zoo labs, scout programs, in- school education programs, summer zoo camp and on-grounds animal presentations.